DUPLEX IPTV subscription

DUPLEX IPTV offers a 7-day free trial at the start of the first installation. Then customer need to pay:
Six months subscription only cost $0.99
One year subscription only cost $1.99
DUPLEX IPTV activation will be processed in app developer portal : see more


In this tutorial, we will show you How to install and configure the IPTV subscription on DUPLEX IPTV

DUPLEX IPTV is another IPTV subscription player allowing users to view their IPTV subscription information, download content to your Android device for later viewing and schedule Live TV recording.

This application is the new application for the new generation of Samsung and LG televisions, in this article we will explain how to download and configure the application using an M3U playlist file in order to receive IPTV on your Smart TV.

find mac address

To add a playlist or connect the application to your IPTV subscription, install the application and click on “Add Playlists”

DUPLEX IPTV subscription

Then you will have a page inviting you to add your playlist, you must go to this site edit.duplexiptv.com

Note the two codes “device ID” and “Device key”

DUPLEX IPTV subscription

Open the edit.duplexiptv.com page using your browser and enter the Device ID and Device key code in the fields and tick the Captcha verification and click on Manage playlist:

DUPLEX IPTV subscription
  • Then click on the Add playlist button
  • Enter the m3u link provided during our IPTV subscription then click on the save button
  • Now go back to the Duplex IPTV application and press the blue button on the remote or Reload / Refresh to
  • Tap on the playlist name you have chosen to access the content of your IPTV subscription
  • You can now take full advantage of your IPTV subscription and enjoy many advantages of this magnificent application.

It’s time to buy an iptv subscription for DUPLEX IPTV, order here: